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Are you interested in obtaining a Graduate Degree at the Masters or PhD level? Are you looking for an exciting, research-based internship as a visiting student, or to participate in one of our workshops or symposiums?

With each opportunity, you will interact and engage with world renowned faculty, in some of the best facilities in the world


Types of Opportunities

MS Fellowships

  • Significant research component
  • Requires Undergraduate degree in a relevant or related area such as Engineering, Mathematics, or the Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences
  • Typically requires eighteen months to complete
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MS / PhD Fellowship

  • Apply for a PhD Program upon completion of your Undergraduate Degree
  • Engage in exciting research from the beginning of your program
  • May complete an MS Degree on the way to a PhD
  • Four to Five years to complete
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PhD Fellowships

  • Intensive, original research culminating in a dissertation
  • Working with a Faculty/Research Advisor to complete a qualifying exam, oral defense of a dissertation, and final thesis defense
  • Typically requires three to four years to complete
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Visiting Student Research Program

  • Targeted Research Opportunity for Undergraduate and Masters level students
  • Fully-Funded research in selected areas of basic and applied research projects
  • Program length varies from 3 to 6 months
  • Academic Credit upon completion of Project
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Visiting Student Opportunities

  • Opportunity for MS and PhD Students to collaborate and pursue research with KAUST Faculty
  • Flexible time-frame, ranging from a few days to several months
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WEP Undergraduate Poster Competition

Workshops, Conferences and Symposiums

  • Various opportunities throughout the Calendar year to participate in world-class learning opportunities as hosted by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
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